Bye bye to blackheads

Hmm and so I’ve heard people commenting on how good my complexion is… but they would never guess how I used to be plagued by blackheads…especially on my nose!

I remember getting all grossed out when they first appeared on my nose and started multiplying. eeeeks. and I read and heard that they can NEVER be gotten rid of. ARE YOU NOT KIDDING ME?????

Anyway, being the skincare fanatic.. and with my spending power increasing over the years, I’m had my try on a number of products of which some have helped in easing my complexion woes….and oh, the added satisfaction when I made such purchases at a discount..of cos. haha

And hence, I’m totally in sync with this article on how important scrubs and weekly masks are.

As how the saying goes, there is no such thing as an ugly woman, only a lazy woman (what I always tell my mum TSK)


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