Chill out at the beach with Collection 17!

On crazy sunny days like these, when we feel all so lethargic, what do we do?
Well, you can choose to snuggle up in bed with a good book in blasting air conditioning (not bad an idea actually), OR, treat yourself to some retail therapy!

Yes, we have LAUNCHED our 17th Collection, specially handpicked by the both of us, which comes in a series of unique tops and dresses in lovely designs and superior quality. Come, let’s hop onto the wagon and go for a ride!

Our steps quickened when we saw this lovely top from afar (yes, our eyes have been well-trained owing to our immense love for shopping)! Such a lovely burst of iridescence with it’s intricate double-tiered petal collar, all found in this Dream Garden Top in Sea Green.

Comes in Khaki Cream as well!

Another lovely find, Full In Bloom Dress, which grasped our attention at an instant! An impossible-to-miss item which will definitely add much vibrance your wardrobe.

There are just too many items to load hence we’re leaving you with just one more.
Falling Petals Chiffon Top! Also available in Peach!

Check out the rest of the items all found in Collection 17!

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Love you loads!
Tiffany & Valerie


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