Shop for a cause!

You know it’s worth spending the money when you’re doing it for a good cause, isn’t it??
It makes shopping guilt-free when you know that your spending actually helps the less privileged in our very midst. So there you go, we had a cosy tea party last Saturday (23rd June) where people came to chill out, shop in comfort and for every item purchased, $2 goes to charity! What better way to give back to society with the bountiful which we have been blessed with.

We sure had a lot of fun mingling around, getting to know more friends, and enjoying the very yummy food provided graciously by the host!

Thank you for being an awesome crowd and do join our mailing list and facebook page so you WILL NOT miss out on upcoming launches, promotions, sprees and future tea parties!

Here are snippets of the fun which we had 🙂

All packed!!



What is a tea party without food???

My contribution to the charity fund. It goes with EVERYTHING!!!!


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