My Piercing Adventure

It has been on my mind for a while now, to pierce my ears again – I did it before when I was in JC but I allowed the earholes to close and had to throw all the earrings I accumulated over the years away.

I started looking at pictures of earrings online like these below and I began to imagine how they will look with some of the outfits I wear! And of course I was drawn to florals again, we at Lavender Lane just can’t help it! Florals are so versatile and feminine, with a tinge of understated elegance. With that, I knew I was on the point of no return and had to take the plunge again. I am afraid of needles/sharp objects piercing the body so it’s a bit of a big step for me. I mean, it’s like an injection! Haha


Buuuut, I did it! I went to B*Dazzled at Isetan Katong – they have other outlets in town, there’s one at Wisma Atria next to Famous Amos. You have to buy one of their piercing earrings which cost $45 and above. I chose this pair that looks like a flower or a star, with a little diamante in the middle. The lady who pierced my ears was very patient and assured me that it wouldn’t hurt when she saw I was a little nervous and afraid! It felt like a little staple clip on both ears and I only felt a burning sensation when she applied some alcohol solution to sanitize the holes. They also gave me a bottle of that solution to take home ($10.70 with gst) to apply twice a day for a month. One thing I like about the place is their after-sales service, which is free for the next 6 weeks! She was very professional about remarking the holes – she didn’t simply follow the earlier piercings I had because they weren’t level.

So tadah! Happy me with my new piercings.


I haven’t been accessorizing much lately, and it will be so exciting to stock up again on pretty quirky earrings again!Β I may just set aside a little corner in my house to hang my earrings, with a small vase of flowers and perfume – ah, a girl’s indulgence.


Have you piereced your ears? What sort of earrings do you wear and where do you get them from? Please share tips with me! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “My Piercing Adventure

  1. I’ve always been too scared to get my ears pierced! I’m sure it doesn’t hurt as much as I think it would!! I love looking at earrings, and it always makes me consider getting them done. Maybe soon! πŸ™‚

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