Spring florals and Wardrobe essentials!

Hello folks! We had a mini online hiatus cos we were so busy with all the fleas of late! Fleas are so much fun cos you get to interact with people from all walks of life. Like literally! From cute little toddlers, to teenager girls who bond with their mums through shopping, to mums pushing their babies around in prams & looking like a million bucks (!) to aunties who really put your mandarin to the test 🙂

All in all, it has been a fun time and that is why we are participating in another flea under Public Garden!!!

Date: 18th & 19th May 2013
Time: 1-7pm
Venue: MCI Buidling (Formerly MICA)
140 Hill Street
Singapore 179369
5 mins walk from City Hall MRT and 3 mins walk from Clarke Quay MRT

So join us at the flea this weekend and we will be having a facebook and mailing list promotion!

Expect to find awesome finds from our latest Collection and PRE-LAUNCHED items!!

Flea exclusive!!  This timeless crochet top

Flea Exclusive!!
This timeless crochet top which comes with attached inner lining. Of premium fabric quality.

It comes in blue, pink, lilac and the old trusty black. White is on backorder, coming in 2-3 weeks time!

It comes in blue, pink, lilac and the old trusty black. White is on backorder, coming in 2-3 weeks time!

And some of our favorites from our most recent Collection

Beguiling Beauty Dress in black. Available in 3 other colors!

Collection 26: Beguiling Beauty Dress in black. Available in 3 other colors!

Spring Weekend Bustier in White

Collection 26: Spring Weekend Bustier in White

Flower Trim Top in White purple

Collection 26: Flower Trim Top in White purple

Collection 26: Floral Finesse Vest in blue. Watch out for the colorful buttons which totally up the fun factor!


Exclusive interview with Blogshop Magazine

Exclusive Review: Lavender Lane

1. Is this the first time that you start your own online business?


2. How long have you been in this industry?

We have just turned two.

3. What was the reason for you to start this business?

Tiffany, my partner at Lavender Lane, and I have always had a common passion for fashion and would talk extensively about our latest purchases and trends. We have an eye for vintage and unique stuff but found the things offered in most blogshops either too common and not unique enough. We decided to set up Lavender Lane, which aims to offer unique vintage-inspired stuff, which hopefully will inject a fresh breath to the online fashion scene here in Singapore and beyond!

4. What future plans do you have for this business?

We, being vintage lovers, have recently launched our third vintage collection. Our vintage pieces are specially handpicked and sourced from overseas suppliers. We have received good response from our launches thus far and will be continuing to bring in good quality quirky vintage pieces without burning holes in people’s pockets.

At the same time, we are working hard on our modern chic collection, and are constantly on the lookout for unique pieces not found on other blogshops. We source for stock not only locally, but from Hongkong, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Bangkok. We aim to provide overseas shipping in time to come as we have received requests from Indonesia, Malaysia etc.

5. What is the business current situation?

We have been blessed with very supportive and faithful customers thus far and have experienced some breakthroughs recently, which have spurred us on to continue at what we are doing. We have also just launched our 25th Collection.

6. What are the difficulties faced?

Getting people to know about us and stay with us for launches. The reason is because the market is just so saturated with thousands of blogshops, both local and overseas, and customers are totally spoilt for choice! Hence the need to create a sense of awareness is crucial.

In addition, Tiffany and our models have full time jobs, hence it can be challenging to find time to manage the business, from sourcing of goods, organizing photoshoots, photo editing, updating and maintaining the website as well as responding to enquiries, which require a considerable amount of time. There were many late nights spent to complete and launch a collection, which is worth all the effort as this is what we truly enjoy!

7. What other benefits do you have by starting this online business besides money?

Fulfilling our passion in exploring the different facets of fashion and bringing our customers nothing but the best in the market.

8. What do you have to sacrifice in order to continue with this business?

Valerie quit her previous job in order to fully focus on Lavender Lane, to devote more time to this business and think of ways to help bring the business to a higher level. And not to mention, the compromise on our sleep and social life due to the many hours and efforts put in, since we strive to deliver absolute quality in each and every collection.

9. Where do you seek for customers?

Through social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our very own blog.

10. What exactly makes your online business stand out from the rest?

We aim at providing the best personalized customer service, in terms of our speed at responding to enquiries and orders. We try to continually surprise our customers with personal notes with discount codes, skincare and make up samples in every package to let them know that we truly appreciate and value them.

11. What are the most memorable events or lessons learnt from starting this online business?

Learning to work together is a very different ball game from hanging out as good friends. The dynamics are so different and we are constantly learning to adapt to each other’s working style and communicate in a way that is constructive and beneficial to the business, whilst keeping our friendship intact.

We are constantly tackling the different obstacles of doing business, encouraging each other to overcome each hurdle that comes and brainstorming on ways to better serve our customers.

12. Do you think starting this online business has impacted your life?

Definitely. We love interacting with people from all ages and life stations, and receiving invaluable feedback from them from which we have benefited much. Setting up a business is no easy feat and it has helped us horn our skills at prioritizing, time management and being more driven in pursuing our passion in the process.

Other interesting events you would like to share

We participate regularly at fleas and it gives us a chance to interact with our loyal customers face to face, as well as give them fashion advice. Sometimes these customers become our friends!

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Cheerios to Blogshop Magazine for featuring us!!

What’s next?

The alluring beauty of vintage is that each piece is unique and you are the ONLY one who owns it in the entire world. What used to reach a hefty price is now brought affordable to you at Lavender Lane. Our aim is really to provide you with specially selected pieces which fit all sizes and to debunk the myth and misperception that vintage is outdated and only reserved for the oldies. Absolutely not!!!

Tiffany and I are fans of vintage dresses and I’m sure we don’t give that impression! You might wanna check out Tiffany’s wide array of her daily (almost) vintage outfit @floralfoodie and @lavenderlane too!

You have no idea how much discussion went into deciding every single piece. It is after much tossing, pondering over and having sat on the items for sometime before we knew for sure that yes, that is the very piece which we wanna bring in for your shopping pleasure.

So if you’ve never dared to take that step of faith, try it and we promise you won’t regret it!

Here’s a teaser preview for you! white3



Item names, description and measurements will be up at Collection 23 soon so cya then!


Join in the fun this weekend @ Public Garden Flea!!

Join us at the Public Garden Flea this weekend!

Loads of goodies which you do not wanna miss out on, which includes items (yes, not yet launched!) specially bought for this event!

See you then!

Tiffany & Valerie

She’s a keeper!

One of the precious things in life is having a long-term friendship with a good pal, whom I’ve known for 2 decades! Those were the days back in church, when Jazeril and I would hang out to shop (yeap, both of our love for shopping started way way back then), met up for informal guitar lessons with a mutual friend, attended Sunday School together, and cos we used to live super near each other before we both got hitched, we would hop over to each other’s place very often.

Time has indeed flown by and she’s now a proud mother of 2 lovely children. We hardly get to meet up these days cos time really isn’t on our side, but thanks to technology, we have kept in touch all these years via facebook, whatsapping and the occasional meet-ups. And when I heard that she’s gonna be in the UK for the next 10 months due to her husband’s post graduate education for his vocation, I knew we HAVE to meet, no matter what.

And guess what. She not only surprised me by bringing along her very entertaining 6-year-old son, treated me to desserts and even gave me a Cath Kidston bag! And in the prettiest prints of florals, which the both of us have always been madly in love with since our teenage days! I’m so gonna bring this tote bag out on a picnic or something, when Mr Sunshine is in a good mood. Let me know if you have ideas on what outfits to match it. I’d love to hear from you and have an exchange of fashion tips!

Such a keeper is this dear friend of mine, don’t you think so? 🙂


My Piercing Adventure

It has been on my mind for a while now, to pierce my ears again – I did it before when I was in JC but I allowed the earholes to close and had to throw all the earrings I accumulated over the years away.

I started looking at pictures of earrings online like these below and I began to imagine how they will look with some of the outfits I wear! And of course I was drawn to florals again, we at Lavender Lane just can’t help it! Florals are so versatile and feminine, with a tinge of understated elegance. With that, I knew I was on the point of no return and had to take the plunge again. I am afraid of needles/sharp objects piercing the body so it’s a bit of a big step for me. I mean, it’s like an injection! Haha


Buuuut, I did it! I went to B*Dazzled at Isetan Katong – they have other outlets in town, there’s one at Wisma Atria next to Famous Amos. You have to buy one of their piercing earrings which cost $45 and above. I chose this pair that looks like a flower or a star, with a little diamante in the middle. The lady who pierced my ears was very patient and assured me that it wouldn’t hurt when she saw I was a little nervous and afraid! It felt like a little staple clip on both ears and I only felt a burning sensation when she applied some alcohol solution to sanitize the holes. They also gave me a bottle of that solution to take home ($10.70 with gst) to apply twice a day for a month. One thing I like about the place is their after-sales service, which is free for the next 6 weeks! She was very professional about remarking the holes – she didn’t simply follow the earlier piercings I had because they weren’t level.

So tadah! Happy me with my new piercings.


I haven’t been accessorizing much lately, and it will be so exciting to stock up again on pretty quirky earrings again! I may just set aside a little corner in my house to hang my earrings, with a small vase of flowers and perfume – ah, a girl’s indulgence.


Have you piereced your ears? What sort of earrings do you wear and where do you get them from? Please share tips with me! 😀 😀

Shop for a cause!

You know it’s worth spending the money when you’re doing it for a good cause, isn’t it??
It makes shopping guilt-free when you know that your spending actually helps the less privileged in our very midst. So there you go, we had a cosy tea party last Saturday (23rd June) where people came to chill out, shop in comfort and for every item purchased, $2 goes to charity! What better way to give back to society with the bountiful which we have been blessed with.

We sure had a lot of fun mingling around, getting to know more friends, and enjoying the very yummy food provided graciously by the host!

Thank you for being an awesome crowd and do join our mailing list and facebook page so you WILL NOT miss out on upcoming launches, promotions, sprees and future tea parties!

Here are snippets of the fun which we had 🙂

All packed!!



What is a tea party without food???

My contribution to the charity fund. It goes with EVERYTHING!!!!

Shades of pink

It was a typical Wednesday, the allocated day of the week, ever since I got married, to meet my mum for dinner. She, surprisingly, wasn’t in the mood to cook and wanted instead to pop by my sister’s workplace (the Polo Ralph Lauren store at Isetan Scotts) to show me the items which she has reserved (only due for collection in July. ATAS), and at the same time check out the Isetan private sale, since we could enter via some special privilege. TSK.  The last time I’ve been to an Isetan private sale must have been eons ago with my ex ex colleagues who were members so I have hardly any recollection of the crowd level. And boy, it was absolute madness. We could barely shop, with women from don’t-know-where on the verge of a stampede and ransacking the racks like they’re F.O.C!

But I have to admit that some of the items on sale were a genuine slash off the retail price. I bought a maxi dress at a steal of $17 (which hopefully can see me through at least one of the sudden surge of upcoming weddings in June & July) and my mum bought a tee for $11.Thumbs up to Isetan who had the foresight to install those make-shift changing rooms and cashier counters which made our overall shopping experience a little more efficient.

So anyway, when I first saw my mum, I realized our outfits were pretty matching, and it was totally unintentional! Even her newly acquired bag from Europe matched the base color of my skirt! Cool eh?

I kid you not. It is an endless world of possibilities with florals, and no, they DO NOT add years to your age, and if you know how to style your outfits well, they do the exact opposite of shedding radiance and colors to your wardrobe!

So if you are up to the task, why not shop with us at Lavender Lane

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A toast to summer prints

Let’s usher in the weekend with the launch of Collection 16!!!

Be adorned in the wonderful world of prints, and be spoilt for choice.

Ready for the ride? Let’s go!

Stand out in this vintage-inspired bohemian Boldly Bold Dress, a unique mix of lavender florals and abstract shapes!

Bring some good cheer to your days and slip into You Brighten Up My Day Dress!

Isn’t our Garden Tea Floral Dress just pretty??

Let this dress fly all your worries away in this sweet pastel number!
Carefree As A Bird Dress

An optimal combination of style and confidence in this Polka Aura Peplum Top!

Reveal the subtly sexy you in Blue Me Away Dress!

SHOP AWAY now at Lavender Lane!

Florals on bottoms

I was out with my bestie, her hubby and my incredibly cute godson on Tuesday and while we were having lunch at Bugis, I spotted this lady in this pair of floral harem-like pants and boy, she carried them off really well! If you know me well, you will know without a doubt on my immense love for floral prints, whether they are on tops, pants, shoes, bags, I love them all. Honestly, I’m not sure when it started but before I could even realise it, my wardrobe started sprouting florals in all colors, shapes and sizes. And I’ve never looked back since then.

Often than not, I’ve heard friends (and even my helper who comments on my floral outfits all the time ha) lamenting on how they actually have a secret love for florals but never actually dare to be spotted in them, particularly the louder prints, cos of fear that they will add years to their ages. To this I would try to debunk and correct, cos it’s really how you mix and match without looking like a vase of withering roses.

I didn’t manage to get a shot of that lady who dared to explore florals in the conservative Singapore we live in, so here’s one of my favourite looks to show you how absolutely stylish florals can be. Awesome!

And this is why you see a burst of florals in every collection on Lavender Lane, which, in my humble opinion, will NEVER go out of fashion.