Woven goodness


Woven goodness

A quick early morning shot with our bestselling woven bag in lilac! We love how deceptively small it looks but is able to fit lots of stuff! Have you bought one yet? Available in 3 awesome colors: white, brown and lilac.

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Guess what’s in the making?


We’ve barely launched collection 14 and yes, it’s time to get started on COLLECTION 15. Many more pretty and irresistible pieces we promise! 🙂

A sneak preview specially for you!

Here’s a random shot of us which turned out to be pretty nice eh. A not-too-bad attempt at being artistic TSK 😛

Candidly pretty 🙂

We can’t help but admire how Linda really draws out the energy of this dress, available in both black and cream. Simply lovely!

These photos have done enough to whet your appetite, haven’t they? All coming your way soon!!